An excellent opportunity to have students of all ages in your studio or school, try out a work before an important audition, or just for more performance experience on a stage. We highly recommend these no fuss, recitals throughout the year, currently held at our beautiful home away from home, Steinway Piano Gallery, Coral Gables.


  1. Each Active member may submit two students per recital. There are no age limits or divisions for participating students.
  1. Applications may be submitted electronically or be submitted to the Chairperson on a 3×5 index card and postmarked no later than ten days prior to the recital. The following information must be included on the card:

Student: Name, Age, Number of Years Study and Level

(Elementary, Intermediate,  Advanced)

Teacher: Name, Telephone Number, Email Address

with Work(s) to be performed:

Complete Title (including Opus and Number if applicable),

Composer, and Duration

  1. Students may perform two very brief works or one longer work. Total performance time for each student must be limited to 5 minutes or less. An advanced level student may perform a work which runs slightly longer than 5 minutes. Solo works are to be performed from memory. Repeats are not to be taken.
  1. There is no fee for entering an Informal Recital. Applications may not be made by telephone. Additional applications or changes to the program may not be made after the deadline.
  1. Students must arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time for the recital to begin, and may not leave before the recital has ended.  The same guidelines are intended to apply to students’  family and friends. Teachers must assume the responsibility for informing all those who plan to attend.


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