General Meetings:  At least five a year, subject to the decision of the Board. Notice as to meetings and all of the following activities is given in the newsletter, Tones and Overtones.

Informal Recitals: At least three a year. Each teacher may present two students at each recital, with no auditions required. See information following.

Honors Recitals: A public recital in the spring for students through high school, except for voice students where the age limit is 20. Auditions are held to choose participants and each teacher may present two students. See rules following.

Composition Contests: An annual contest with junior (through age 13) and senior (age 14 through high school) divisions. There is no limit to the number of students each teacher may enter. Awards are presented at the discretion of the judges.

Scholarships: See description of Scholarship Program.

Workshops: At least one each year, the date being set for the convenience of the workshop presenter.

Miscellaneous: Cooperative projects with other musical organizations such as Greater Miami Youth Symphony, National Association of Teachers of Singing, and American Guild of Organists. Teacher recitals are encouraged, as well as performances and presentations at meetings.


Auditions will be held each spring. To be eligible to submit students, a teacher who holds ACTIVE membership must have paid current MMTA, MTNA, and FSMTA membership dues on or before October 1 of the current fiscal year. The only exception to this deadline will be granted to a teacher joining those three organizations for the very first time. This one time exception will allow the teacher to pay all dues on or before January 1st of the audition year. In accordance with MMTA bylaws, an Active teacher must also attend at least two meetings during the current fiscal year (June through May). For teachers entering students for MMTF Honors and/or ALL Scholarships, these 2 meetings must be attended BEFORE THE APPLICATION DEADLINE.   Any teacher who has students participating in any function of MMTA or MMTF will be required to accept a help assignment from the chairman of that event. The assignment may require the teacher’s presence on audition day or performance day.

Students must have completed at least 6 months study with the teacher who submits the application. Students who have graduated from high school or taken the GED are not eligible (except for voice students, where the age limit is 20).

At least one original of the composition performed, unmarked except for measure numbers, must be presented to the judges. Neither the student’s name nor the teacher’s name should appear on the score. Repeats are not to be taken. No photocopies will be accepted and, if presented, the student will automatically be disqualified. Photocopied scores may be accepted if written permission from the publisher is presented, but the Merit Scholarship Chairman must be notified of this situation in writing on or before the deadline.

All repertoire must be in its original form. ABSOLUTELY NO ARRANGEMENTS OR “POP TUNES” will be accepted. The only exception to this is for music used in the MMTF Ensemble Scholarship auditions.

No piece will be allowed if it has ever been auditioned in any competition sponsored by FSMTA District VI Music Teachers Associations, including Broward County, Miami, Palm Beach County and Treasure Coast MTA’s.

Applications must be sent to the Chairman by the deadline and on the forms appearing in Tones and Overtones. If sent by e-mail, applications will be considered received on the date when the entry check is postmarked.

The fee for each application is $20 (for the MMTF Ensemble Scholarship the fee is per student, not per ensemble). A check from the teacher must accompany the applications, and only checks from MMTA members will be accepted. If more than one application is being submitted, teachers should submit a single check for the total amount due. Checks must be payable to MIAMI MUSIC TEACHERS FOUNDATION. To receive the judges’ brief critiques, the teacher must send a self-addressed and stamped envelope along with the application.

Any entrant whose program or application does not meet the requirements will be notified within 3 days of receiving the applications and given an opportunity to make the necessary changes.

Three judges having no connection with any student entered will audition students on performance. No one may be present at the auditions except student, judges, and competition Chairman. All decisions of the judges are final and will not be subject to further review. They have the right to declare no winner. One entrant in a competition category does not automatically guarantee a winner. Judges will be instructed not to speak with teachers or parents at any time, and to speak with students only very briefly if necessary.   Teachers may not contact judges on the day of the event or afterward, and if this rule is broken they may not send students for any competition the following year.

Questions or problems arising from competitions must be handled by the student’s teacher through the Scholarship Committee Advisor or the competition Chairman. Parents are not allowed to contact these chairmen.


District Student Day: A non-competitive program consisting of 12 levels and a starter Primary level is available for all FSMTA teachers. It can be obtained with purchase of an FSMTA Handbook of Student Activities, available from the District Student Activities chairperson. Auditions similar to those held by the National Guild of Piano Teachers are held each spring for students of all instruments and voice. Students are evaluated by three separate tests in the following areas:

(1) repertoire, keyboard skills, musicianship, and sightreading; (2) written theory; (3) aural theory. Rules for preparing students are given in the Handbook.

Competitive Events: District runoffs take place for entries in piano and other instruments for (1) Concerto and (2) Community Service Awards. Concerto winners perform at the FSMTA Competitive Events. Winners are announced at the State Conference. District competition deadlines will be published in the local newsletter Tones and Overtones.

District Conventions: District VI holds an annual one day convention usually in the fall, called Enrichment Day. District business is transacted and a workshop is usually presented.


State Competitive Events:

(1) District Concerto winners;

(2) Pre-College and College Byrd Piano Ensemble competition;

(3) Pre-Collegiate and Collegiate Chamber Ensemble competitions;

(4) Gray Perry Young Collegiate Artist competition.

These take place at least six weeks after the District runoffs for Concerto and Community Service Awards, usually in early June. The site is chosen by rotation throughout the state. Entry fees are currently $30.

The following nationally-sponsored competitions occur at the State convention in the fall: Warner Bros. Publications, Inc. composition contest, Baldwin Junior High School Keyboard Auditions, Selmer Instrumental Auditions, Yamaha High School Auditions, and the Collegiate Artist Competitions. Winners at the State level proceed to the Divisional competitions.

It should be noted that the Selmer and Baldwin competitions are for students in grades 7-9 (at the time of the national auditions), the Yamaha competition for students in grades 10-12, and the collegiate competitions for high school graduates under the age of 27. The composition contest encompasses all age groups from first grade through age 26.

See the FSMTA Newsletter for details and deadlines.

State Conferences: Each November FSMTA has a conference hosted by a rotation of its ten districts. Dates are given far in advance in the FSMTA Newsletter.

State Certification: State certification gives recognition to teachers who, by a record of training and experience and by student demonstration, prove to be of superior professional standing. A brochure explaining certification and giving requirements is available through the State Certification chairperson

State Newsletters: News of the activities of FSMTA is furnished in the FSMTA Newsletter, which is published in the months August – May and is sent to all FSMTA members.

State Directory and Bylaws: Each State member who receives a copy of the FSMTA Directory which lists all members, all State and National officers, Bylaws, and available awards.

The following is a complete list of FSMTA Foundation awards, presented to the winner of each of the following auditions:

Birchfield Memorial High School Piano

Yamaha High School Strings

Yamaha High School Voice

Yamaha High School Woodwind

Yamaha High School Brass

Yamaha High School Percussion

Byrd Memorial Award College Piano Ensemble

Byrd Memorial Award Pre-College Piano Ensemble

Amanda Adams Memorial Senior Concerto Piano

Bernice Hack Memorial Concerto Intermediate Piano

Executive Board Concerto Junior Piano

Concert Contest Senior Organ

Concert Contest Senior Brass

Concert Contest Senior Woodwind

Concert Contest Senior Percussion

Concert Contest Senior Voice

Concert Contest Senior Strings

Leonard & Norma Mastrogiacomo Pre-College Chamber Music

Phillip and Joan Mank Collegiate Chamber Music

Sue Bentley Colvert Collegiate Artist in Piano

Jane Sterret Memorial Collegiate Artist in Voice

College Artist in Organ

College Artist in Strings

College Artist in Woodwinds

College Artist in Brass

College Artist in Percussion

College Artist in Classical Guitar

Gray Perry Memorial Young Collegiate

Boda Fund Collegiate Composition

Composition High School

Composition Junior High School

Composition Elementary School

Greenspan Memorial – FSMTA Community Service Award

Local and District President’s Community Service Award for Ninth Graders

Rebecca Rodenberg Junior Keyboard Achievement

Junior High Audition Brass Award

Junior High Audition String Award

Junior High Audition Woodwind Award

Junior High Audition Percussion Award

Florida Steinway Dealers’ High School Piano Award


1. Competitive Events: For full information go to MTNA website and click on Competitions. Rules, requirements and official application forms are available in the June/July issue of the American Music Teacher magazine. MTNA Student Competitions consist of three levels: State Competition, Division Competition and National Finals. State winners of high school and collegiate competitions proceed to divisional and national competitions. National winners are presented in recital at the National Conference. The following competitions are currently sponsored by MTNA:

Junior Performance Competitions,
sponsored by: Baldwin Piano Company, sponsor of the piano competition; Conn-Seimer, Inc., sponsor of the brass competition;
The MTNA Foundation, sponsor of the percussion, string and woodwind competitions.
Senior Performance Competitions, sponsored by: Yamaha Corp. of America, Piano Division, sponsor of the piano competition;
Yamaha Corp. of America, Band & Orchestral Division, sponsor of the percussion competition;
The MTNA Foundation, sponsor of the brass, string, voice and woodwind competitions
Young Artist Performance Competitions, sponsored by:Gibson Musical Instruments, sponsored by the guitar competition;
Slingerland Drum Company, sponsor of the percussion competition;
Steinway & Sons, sponsor of the piano competition;
The MTNA Foundation, sponsor of the brass, organ, string, voice and woodwind competitions
Chamber Music Performance Competition, sponsored by: Allen I. McHose Scholarship Fund
Student Composition Competitions, sponsored by: Warner Bros. Publications, Inc.

2. National Conferences: The annual national conference is a four or five day event in the spring which includes music performed by the finest artists, discussion, lectures, demonstrations, etc. The American Music Teacher publicizes information and the conference well in advance.

3. National Certification: The relationship between national certification and state certification is constantly under review. At present, one does not guarantee the other and there are different procedures to go through but, generally, the Florida teachers who qualify for state certification should be able to obtain national certification.

4. National Magazine: The American Music Teacher, which is sent to every state member, publishes articles of interest to teachers in the many musical fields, and keeps our membership informed of the many activities of MTNA. It is published six times a year.

5. MTNA Scholarships: MTNA Scholarship Foundation provides scholarship, awards, grants for research, and financial assistance for the nation’s most talented youth. More than $34,000 is awarded annually.

6. MTNA Insurance: National members are eligible to apply for MTNA group insurance and disability. Instrument insurance is also available.

7. Financial Services: National members may apply for the MTNA Silver Mastercard. It is free of an annual fee for the first year and the annual percentage rate on the unpaid balance is among the lowest available. There is also a loan program for up to $7,500 on signature alone.